Globales Bouganvilla

Globales Bouganvilla is 3 star all-inclusive family holiday resort east of Mallorca. It suits for family holidays with small kids and also teens as hotel offers Splash pool for little one and aqua park for teens.

Hotel is located 1,3 km from Sa Coma, a white-sand beach with clear waters. A mini train connects the complex to the beach and central Sa Coma which is fun for kids.

There are tennis courts and 5 outdoor swimming pools, including one of Mallorca’s largest pools. Own mini-market and self-service laundry room.

Location: 75 km from airport.

Globales Bouganvilla
1 /5

Globales Bouganvilla rating:

Location: 3.5/5 1,3 m from the beach. 75 km from airport.
Facilities: 4.5/5 Splash and water park. Tennis.
Comfort level: 4/5 3 star apart hotel.
Value for money: 5/5 Rates from €154/night all-inclusive

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Kids activity in Globales Bouganvilla

Globales Bouganvilla apart hotel has studios, 1-bedroom apartments and 2-bedroom apartments. Apartments are equipped with kitchen.

There are Splash World for families with kids and water park exclusive for the guests.

The facilities of the Splash Park are divided into 4 different areas: the large toboggans over the water; the huge semi sphere which emerges from a wide swimming pool; a unique playground and a space for playing and having a bath with water jets.

There are multislide, kamikaze, freefall, waveslide, aquatube and blackhole toboggans. The minimum height to enjoy the slides is 1,20 m. At the bubble pool, the maximum height allowed in the bubble pool is 1,35 m.

Globales Bouganvilla swimming
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Mallorca attractions & excursions

Mallorca attractions for families are concentrated mostly in the southern part of the island, and each city has its own attraction. Palma de Mallorca boasts the Palma Aquarium and the Marineland Dolphinarium. In Magaluf, there are as many as 3 family holiday centers: theme park Katmandu Park for all ages, the Pirates Adventure show and themed water park the Western Water Park.

The another island's most popular giant waterpark is Aqualand, and it is located on the south-west coast in El Arenal, 15 km from Palma de Mallorca.

Palma Aquarium Mallorca

Palma Aquarium Mallorca is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. The aquarium is located 500 m from Playa de Palma beach. It includes 55 tanks and over 700 different species from the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Big Blue tank is the deepest shark tank in Europe. It contains the largest collection of live coral in Europe.
Palma Aquarium is divided into 9 thematic areas. The total length of the route is only 900 meters, we recommend a 2 to 3 hour visit to enjoy Palma Aquarium facilities. Time is needed in order not to rush the kids while playing with starfish or watching sharks.
Most of the tour will take place in the twilight. With small kids you can stay near aquariums with small fish, scurrying around among corals. In the contact pool everyone is allowed to touch the stingrays, sea stars.
Coral reefs are the pride of the Palma Aquarium. Corals perfectly survive in captivity and build new fancy colonies. A very unusual tank was allocated to jellyfish. The huge cylinder with translucent umbrellas looks like a lamp with wax.
Activities in Palma Aquarium: Feedings; Snorkelling with Rays; Shark Vision boat; Nautilus indoor activity park; Dive with Sharks; Shark sleepover.
Open 365 days a year. Time varies depending the season. Price 2019: Adult Entrance Ticket - €22,50; Child Entrance Ticket (Ages 4 to 12) - €14

Marineland Mallorca

Marineland Mallorca is a marine life theme park with 7 Dolphins, Sea Lions, several aquarium (fresh water, sea water and Mediterranean aquarium) with different species, Penguins, Tropical Park.
We recommend a 3 to 4 hour visit to enjoy Marineland Mallorca facilities, shows, visiting marine life zoo and aquarium. Every day dolphins and sea lions give 2 shows. Also 3 parrots shows every day.
It is possible to swim with the dolphins and learn more about their lifestyle. To do this, sign up to participate in the program Meeting with dolphins. Suitable for children over 7 years old.
In between shows, we recommend visiting the marine zoo with see waterfowl, monkeys and reptiles. There is also a clinic for turtles here - here they repair broken shells. Recovered reptiles are released back into the wild. But some remain to live in Marineland Mallorca, in the company of lizards, snakes and frogs.
Marineland Mallorca open from end of March till mid October. The opening time, time of the show and the feeding is recommended to check on the official website. Price 2019: 11€-23€ depending the height. Kids below 0.90m - free.

Aqualand El Arenal

Aqualand El Arenal is the largest water park on the Mallorca and part of Aqualand network. It is located 15 km from Palma de Mallorca, in El Arenal.
There are 19 water attractions, including excellent playgrounds and dizzying slides of various types. a paradise for extreme people - such is the number of high and difficult descents.
Perhaps Aqualand El Arenal can be called a paradise for extreme lovers because of the number of high and difficult slides: adrenaline King Cobra, Anaconda, Devil's Tail and many others. The smallest of the slides - Multipistas - suitable for families. 3 areas for smallest children with slides, hanging bridges, and attractions to experience. Rides designed to be entirely safe for kids.
Due to the large number of extreme slides and attractions in Aqualand Mallorca, there are always a lot of young people here. If you are looking for a place to stay with young children, the water park Western Water Park in Magaluf or HidroPark in Alcudia is more suitable for you.
Open from mid May till October. The opening time is recommended to check on the official website. Price 2019: 12-30€ depending the age. Kids 0-3 yo - free.

Palma-Soller Wooden Train

Soller Train Mallorca

Soller Train is an unique old train excursion in Mallorca. Wooden train route starts in Palma and its destination is the station of Sóller, located in the hearth of the valley. Train journey is approximately 1 hour.

The best time to departure from Palma - in the morning (around 10-10.30). So you will have enought time to see the Sóller and Port de Sóller without any rush and come back with the evening train.

The Sóller railway stands out for the picturesque route it runs along, overcoming the natural barrier of the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range. Train travels through several bridges and 13 tunnels, the railway rises up 199 metres, crosses over viaduct with 5 arches. On the way from Palma to Sóller train makes 5 min stop in Mirador Pujol de'n Banya for a beautiful panoramic photos.

Soller train cost: Palma-Sóller-Palma 25€/ adult (price in 2019); kids travel with 50% discount.

The train journey ends at the town of Soller. From there travellers can catch the vintage electric tram - the oldest in the world - down into the picturesque Port de Soller. Tram journey takes about half an hour.

Soller Old Tram

Soller Tram Soler

Vintage electric tram between Sóller and the Port of Sóller is the island’s first electric tram and the oldest in the world (from 1913). It runs from Sóller down into the picturesque Port de Soller. Tram journey takes about half an hour.

Tram price is Sóller 7€/one way. Combination ticket: Palma – Puerto de Sóller – Palma/Train and Tram/32€ (price is for 2019).

In the old tram station ther is the restaurant Mar y Sol opened on May 5, 1929 and serves guests since then.


Mallorca Events

Sant Joan celebrations in Palma de Mallorca

The festival, Sant Joan is one of the biggest, most wildly celebrated event on Mallorca, and especially in Palma. Loud bangs sound throughout the streets, masked figures run through the park underneath the Cathedral wielding large poles emitting sparks into the crowds and people are spotted jumping over bonfires with bandanas pulled up over their mouths and noses. To anyone looking on that wasn’t aware of this festival it would look practically apocalyptic but for those who are familiar with this crazy festival they know that it is probably the most fun and exhilarating festival to participate in.

Crowds descend upon the Parc de la Mar underneath the Cathedral waiting for the hooded devils to enter through the old viaducts and light their torches. These devils then run through the park whilst onlookers choose to either duck and run away from the flying embers or jump up and down with the devils in the shower of sparks to the cacophony of drums. Small bonfires are lit throughout the park adding to the haze and colour of this electric festival.

Once the chaos of the correfoc subsides (normally around 11pm) the hordes of slightly charred and vaguely smoked participants head to the various beaches and coves around the island to bathe in the sea and make a wish to welcome the summer solstice.

Date: 23 June 2019
Address: Palma de Mallorca, Palma de mallorca, Spain
Sant Joan around Mallorca

A slightly tamer version of the festival occurs island-wide in which everyone sets up camp on the various beaches and coves – be it a picnic blanket or a full dining set – and light hundreds of candles all around. Under the flickering of this candlelight the wine and the beer flows and mountains of food are barbecued or prepared. People play music and chat amongst themselves as the children weave in and out of the groups in excitement. At 12 o´clock everyone runs down into the sea en masse to reset the previous year and make their wishes for the year ahead. It is interesting to note that tradition states that you should bathe on your back looking up with a candle in your right hand to make your wish but this seems to get forgotten in all the excitement.

It is a festival that should be experienced at least once although it is important to dress appropriately and know what you are letting yourself in for – plenty of fun, heaps of chaos and smoke-scented hair for a few days!

Date: 23 June 2019
Address: Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain
Artdemossa Fair

Mallorca's famous village of Valldemossa annual artful festival

Valldemossa celebrates its cultural heritage with the one-day feast of art, music, handicrafts, and gastronomy, known as Artdemossa.

The festival is part of the beautiful village’s summer fiestas, and attracts visitors from across Mallorca.

The full festival programme is usually available a week or two before the event.

The fair will be structured into four sectors: a space dedicated to the exhibition of sculptures, paintings and photographs; a musical area with jazz, rock, ethnic music and the local Music School; the gastronomic area with all the restaurants, medieval bakeries and other food-stores offering home-grown gastronomy; and the artisan area, where the local artisans will be showcasing and selling their own products.

Date: 20 July 2019
Address: Valldemossa village, Valldemossa, Spain
Pollença Patrona

August 2nd, a yearly epic battle reenactment in Mallorca

On the day of Pollença’s Patroness Saint, the locals take to the streets to re-enact the epic battle between Moors and Christians.

Date: 2 August 2019
Address: Pollença, Pollença, Spain
Mare de Deu d‘Agost & Sant Roc

Week-long festival in Puigpunyent with activities for all ages

The small town of Puigpunyent celebrates summer with week-long celebrations that include a full programme of activities of all kinds.

Expect events for both children and adults, ranging from arts and crafts to sports and music.

Date: 10 August 2019 - 17 August 2019
Address: Puigpunyent, Puigpunyent, Spain
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